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Tai Chi and Chi Kung Institute & Chinese Yoga

Adelaide, South Australia

Wu Dong, Allan and Instructors
Professor - Master Wu Dong
training Institute instructors in Sun Style Tai Chi in Adelaide's parklands during official exchange with Beijing Sports University, China
July 2005 , 2009 & 2011

Term 4 - 2016
Term 4 - Starts on Tuesday October 25th & Friday 28th

New Beginners

Adelaide: Tuesday 25th October at
Chi Kung at 6.15pm & Tai Chi at 7.15pm

Venue : Gilles St Primary School Hall
123 Gilles St ( Near Pedestrian Crossing & Pultney St)
( Adelaide Hall has airconditioning )

Poster: Print a poster Adelaide - poster ( Tuesday pm)

Bookings essential - Email your interest to attend - send an email office@taichi.com.au

North Adelaide: Friday 28th October at 9.30am

Tai Chi - Chi Kung shibashi 太極氣功 十八式

Venue: Estonian Hall - 200 Jeffcott St ( Cnr Childers St)

Poster: Print a poster North Adelaide - poster Fri 9.30am

Bookings essential - Email your interest to attend - send an email office@taichi.com.au

Allan teaching a Tai Chi class in the park

Courses are conducted during the state school terms.

Discount Coupon " 2 for 1"
( 2 people for standard 1 price - for beginners)
- -------------------------------------

See previous " Body & Soul " advert Sunday 20th April 2013.

Doctor's Approval form (PDF format) Are you under current medical supervision? Taking prescribed medication? Be safe - discuss any plan of exercise with your Doctor or Health Practitioner before enrolling.

Student information sheet.
Information about the running of classes.

DVDs & Textbooks for beginners classes.
太極氣功 十八式.

Available at classes or by mail.

DVD - Chi Kung Shibashi 1st Set 18 Forms Book - Chi Kung Shibashi 1st Set 18 Forms Chart - Tai Chi Yang 24 Forms DVD - Tai Chi Yang 24 Forms
Other Textbooks, Dvds available:

New Chi Kung ( Qi Gong) DVDs from China

Dao Yin QiGong - Books & DVD - Click here for Dao Yin price list.

CHQA - DVD & Books from China - Click here for CHQA price list.

Important! "Check this website" before attending classes.

Barossa Classes
Angaston (am)

Regional Workshops.
Master Instructor Allan Kelson has conducted workshops & appeared on T.V in many Regional cities & towns in S.A. NSW and in Europe.

South Australia: York Peninsula, Pt Pirie, Pt Augusta, Whyalla, Mt Gambier, Lameroo , Ceduna etc.
See some S.A. Photos.

Article - York Peninsula Wakefield Health 2003.

Workshops/ Courses available for your area*

*Funding required. *Minimium participants required.

Government Accredited Instructors
Every instructor and presenter is an NCAS Accredited Coach (Level 1 or 2) and each venue has at least one instructor trained in China at the Beijing Sports University.

We are very fortunate and proud to have the most professional, fully-accredited and experienced team of instructors in Adelaide.
Our Instructors’ Training is Ongoing.

All Instructors receive regular advanced Instructor Training
with Master Allan kelson and Senior Coaches.

Internationally Accredited Tai Chi & Wushu Judge (IWUF) 2004 - 2012

Allan receiving Judge's Accreditation
IWUF Judging Accreditation Program
held in Beijing, China in April 2004

(.. more about Chief Instructor)

Other Textbooks, Dvds available:

Book - Wild Goose Qigong Book - Chi Kung Shibashi 2nd Set 18 Forms Book - Believe it or Not: Ancient and Mysterious Chinese Qigong Chart - Tai Chi Yang 24 Forms Book - Dao Yin Heart Set

Book - Yang Style Taijiquan 103 Forms Book - Chen Style Taijiquan Book - Questions and Answers Vol. 1 Video - Yang Chi Kung 21 Forms Book - Dao Yin Respiratory Set

NEW from China! 氣功

Ba Duan Jin: (8 Qi Gong movements)

Yi Jing Jing: (Stretching Qi Gong - Chinese Yoga)

Wu Qin Xi : (5 Annimals Qi Gong)

Liu Zi Jue: (6 Secret Sounds)

Click here for details

World Tai Chi & Qi Gong Day - 2014 - Completed

Adelaide - South Tce Parklands (Near Pulteney St)

Saturday 26th April - 10.00am - Details & poster

Allan teaching a Tai Chi class in the park

Tai Chi - slow & safe exercises.
Chi Kung (Qi Gong) - Chinese health exercises - easier than Tai chi

See Messenger Newspaper Enrolments 17th April 2013 (2MB)

See Messenger Newspaper Enrolments 17th April 2013 (170KB

Tai Chi & Chi Kung in the Newspapers.

  • Messenger newspaper 7th Oct 2009- Enrolments section
    World Tai Chi & Qi Gong Day Messenger Newspaper Enrolments 17th April 2013 (2MB)
  • Website updated: 24th October 2016.


    Welcome to the
    Tai Chi & Chi Kung Institute

    Home Page.

    32 Years in S.A.
    Established in 1985, the Tai Chi & Chi Kung Institute operates public classes and workshops throughout South Australia in a variety of Traditional and Official sets of Tai Chi (Taijiquan), Chi Kung (Qi Gong) Chinese Yoga® & Shaolin Health & Fitness Arts.

    Government Accredited Instructors (Aust & China)

    Colour brouchure about the Institute : Click here.

    太極氣功 十八式

    Tai Chi for Schools

    Conferences, Corporate & Private Classes

    Contact us for information.

    Newsletter / Schedule


    Term 4 - 2016 " Spring Term"

    Week 1 startes: -Adelaide Tuesday 25th October ( 7 week Term)
    North Adelaide - Friday 28th October ( 7 week term)

    Advanced & returning students only, Schedule
    click here - Newsletter (details for Term 4 - 2016)

    What's on in Term 4 - 2016. (Advanced Students only)

    ADELAIDE - Tues pm.
    Dao Yin - Chi Kung ( Heart Set)
    Da Yan - Refinement
    SKF - Shaolin Keep Fit - Jin Gan Quan - Refinement
    Cudgel - short Stick set

    DVD & Textbook - available at class

    (You can enrol weeks 1 - 3)
    book now for advanced booking discounts.
    ( Air-conditioned Hall )

    Adelaide: - Tuesday 25th October
    ( Max Green hall / Gym at Gilles St Primary School - 123 Gilles St )
    Chi Kung : 6.15pm & Tai Chi: 7.15pm.
    Cudgel: 8.05pm
    details click here - Newsletter (details for Term 4 - 2016)

    North Adelaide - Friday October 28th ( Chi Kung 9.30am)
    Estonian Hall - 200 Jeffcott St ( Cnr Childers St)

    You can send an email to indicate you will be attending &
    reserve a place in the class

    Government Accredited Instructors
    S.A.s Only Instructors who are Trained & accredited in Australia & China.
    Allan with Li Shi Ying and Professor Mun
    Accredited for Tai chi China at the
    Beijing Sports University - 1996.

    Allan and Senior Instructors with Master Hui Xiao Fei
    Government accredited for Chi kung ( Qi Gong) at the Beijing Sports University 2002.

    DVD - Chi Kung Shibashi 1st Set 18 Forms
    Welcome , bring your card for 33% discount (concession price) off the full price for beginners sets.
    We are Official Participants in the Seniors Card program.
    See page 53 of 2010 booklet.
    See page 51 of 2011 booklet.
    See page 54 of 2012 booklet
    See page 55 of 2013 booklet
    See also 2014, 2015 & 2016 booklets

    What is Chi Kung? 气功
    Also called "Qi Gong" or "Chinese Yoga", the term refers to health exercises that are an integral part of Traditional Chinese Medicine. More information is contained in the short documentary below:

    "Qi Gong - Ancient Chinese Healing
    for the 21st Century"

    This documentary features Master Duan Zhi-Liang, a Chi Kung (Qi Gong) Master & traditional healer from China over 100 years old!

    Master Allan Kelson & Master Duan Zhi-Liang taught together at the 2nd European Qi Gong conference in Poland in June 1998 at the invitation of Master Marcus Bongart (CESMQ Sweden & Vice President of the WASMQ China).

    DVD - Chi Kung Shibashi 1st Set 18 Forms Book - Chi Kung Shibashi 1st Set 18 Forms

    太極氣功 十八式

    Tai Chi Gold medals - China

    Master Instructor Allan Kelson
    Winner of 2 International Gold Medals in China

    Allan at Wushu Festival
    1st World Traditional Wushu Festival
    held in Zhenzhou, China in October 2004

    Allan Kelson wins 2 Gold medals in China
    (Messenger - 2004)

    Grand Champions (2008 & 2009)
    Trained by Master Allan Kelson

    Institute Instructor Jamie Clarbull - National Tai Chi Grand - Champion 2008 at TCAA Competition.

    David Peters National TCAA Grand-Champion 2009

    Conferences & Corporate Classes

    Contact us for information about:

    Use Chi Kung to relax, or challenge yourself with Tai Chi.

    Recent Events....

    World Tai Chi & Qi Gong Day - Sat 26th April 2014

    community Event COTA's "Every Generation" 2010
    As a part of the "Every Generation" celebration, we are involved with COTA to present "Have a Try" of
    Tai Chi - Chi Kung at all of our venues in October 2010

    Life. Be in it - Come'n'Try Chinese Yoga
    October's "Come 'N Try" activity was Chinese Yoga, or Chi Kung. FREE Lessons were being held in October 2008 & 2009.

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    The Institute is affiliated with many organizations around Australia and overseas. For links to those organizations, please see:

    Allan Kelson is a Member of: